WJL Companies owns several commercial and residential properties within the South City area of St. Louis, primarily within the historic Cherokee Street community. I started working with WJL Companies back in 2016, and have provided many different marketing services since then, including social media strategy, publication design, client-facing PR outreach, website editing and consulting.


Here are a few of the assets I have created over the years for WJL Companies.


Most recently, WJL Companies was looking to create a welcome email for new tenants that would provide need-to-know information and resources, along with links to their website and social media challenges. After creating an email account for WJL in MailChimp, I re-organized tenant contact information and set up categorized lists for residential and commercial tenants.

Finally, I created a branded email that’s automatically sent to all new email list additions. This means a lot less manual work for the WJL team, and higher tenant satisfaction – the 90%+ open and click rates speak for themselves!

We had lasting benefits years after Georgia initially consulted with us, especially more contact from customers that translated into more revenue.

Will, WJL Companies

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With a large portfolio of commercial properties, WJL needed a flexible way to pitch properties to potential tenants. I created a commercial property booklet that could be separated into standalone flyers, with quick facts of some of the main properties WJL was looking to promote.

The individual flyers were added to each property’s website listing as a downloadable quick reference, while the booklet could be shared and customized for prospective leads via print or email.


Before consulting with me, WJL was just sharing Craigslist links to their Facebook page – so they had a pretty cluttered feed, with a low following and barely any engagement. I set up an editorial calendar with a social media strategy that pushed visitors to the website and ultimately boosted engagement for residential and commercial properties, along with increasing office calls and property tours.

An Instagram account was also created in order to boost community awareness and drive engagement with neighboring businesses, while also providing a visual avenue for potential tenants and commercial clients to learn more about the neighborhoods properties are located in.
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When initially contacted by WJL Companies back in 2016, my primary focus was on improving tenant satisfaction. I began by gathering a ton of research – including a tenant satisfaction survey that was met with an 80%+ response rate.

After analyzing the responses received, I then created a marketing plan with a heavy emphasis on a new website, structured communication policies with tenants, community outreach for business development and revamped social media efforts.

Tenants gave a very positive vocal response to the changes, and tenant-generated ratings on social media and Google skyrocketed.