Based out of Detroit, Open Me When is a custom gifting agency that aims to bring back the personal touch that has been lost in modern gift giving. After launching in 2017 with curated gift boxes, and expanding rapidly, they decided it was time to head in a new direction and focus on custom gifts of all sizes.

Here are some of the assets I created for Open Me When to help them move in the right direction.


Open Me When was looking to have an InDesign template created that would allow them to showcase what they had to offer – from super custom, to super basic.

Beautiful photography and curated items have been key to their success, so I worked with them to put together a catalog that emphasized visuals, need-to-know information and incredible attention to detail. 

Georgia has made our ideas come to life. We asked her to create a full-line brochure for our company and she blew us away with her creativity and speed. Armed with the materials she created, our clients understood our product offering much easier which led to a significant increase in sales.

Eli, Open Me When

st. louis graphic design
st. louis graphic design


As part of their new company direction, Open Me When wanted to reach out to their existing client base and new prospects to re-introduce themselves, while also sharing exciting new offerings such as on-demand gifting. I put together an email template for them that blended with their brand new website, incorporated strategic calls to action, and could easily be modified for future email needs.