Set to open in 2019, Bea’s is a full circle business environment housed in Detroit’s Eastern Market. Focused on coworking and cocreating, the space features open workspace, private offices, a manufacturing area, warehouse and storage spaces, a retail shop and a coffee café.  It’s truly one of a kind, offering entrepreneurs a place to create, manufacture and ship products under one roof, while even testing and selling to real customers.


Here are some of the assets I created for Bea’s to help them launch their unique business concept.


Since Bea’s is so much more than a traditional coworking space, it was important for potential members to visualize and understand the space before it opened. I was tasked with creating a brochure that could be utilized to pre-sell members prior to Bea’s opening, and showcase what the space was going to be all about.

We were able to go to meetings with materials that brought our concept to life. With Georgia’s help, we have been able to presell members to our space before we opened our doors.


St. Louis Graphic Design


The back of the brochure featured a custom map that I created based on actual maps of Detroit’s Eastern Market, but branded to match Bea’s aesthetic. 

st. louis graphic design


Part of helping potential members understand the vision behind Bea’s involved actually illustrating it – thus, this “full circle workplace” graphic was born. 

st. louis graphic design


Since Bea’s website was still being created, a landing page was necessary so they could still direct folks to their social media profiles, but also begin capturing lead data.

The landing page I created enabled visitors to input their email address for updates, immediately entering them into a mini email campaign that I had created through Mailchimp to capture their interest, while simultaneously building a subscriber list for upcoming Bea’s events.
St louis web design


Once visitors reached Bea’s landing page and inputted their email address, they immediately received a simple welcome email and were added to a subscriber list. This provided important pre-launch data for Bea’s as well, giving them an already engaged audience that would likely respond well to future interactions.

Georgia is great to work with and always on top of things. She is able to take unusual requests and create useful marketing materials very quickly and easily. I would recommend her to anybody for jobs big and small.